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There are several thousand self-supported missionaries in the world today. Some of them serve
in organizations and some are simply ministering in the name of Christ, but almost all of them
have the same basic characteristic: For all intents and purposes they are on their own.

There is a spiritual battle that takes place when preaching the Gospel and there are times when missionaries need help. Who can advise them on foreign visa and immigration matters? Who files their taxes? Who can tell them what to do with difficult ministry situations? Who prays for them and can get the word out quickly when there’s an emergency? And who can assist them with raising a family overseas? And even if they have someone to call, how well can someone back home understand a third-world situation if they’ve never been in one? These are some of the areas we believe the Lord would have us address.

Thus by God’s great grace, we have formed For Christ
Alone Foundation to provide support services to non-denominational missionaries. To the extent we can, we
intend to lift some of the burden of the Missionaries
having to wear several hats at once. We will not only
process their financial support, but also help them,
communicate with supporters, pray for them, assist them
in logistical matters, provide counsel, send materials, etc.
so they can be successful in the calling God has given them.


We also want to promote missions in general because God is doing great things in the world today –
some of which rival the Book of Acts. We intend to put out a regular newsletter reporting these events
and to speak in churches to promote missions and inspire God’s people to believe Him for great things.

God’s desire is that all men might be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth (I Tim 2:4). That
hasn’t happened yet and as the pace of world events continues to pick up, God is calling His churches to
move forward and to believe that He Himself will meet their needs even as they step out to further His

And this we will do as God permits.



For Christ Alone Foundation • P.O. Box 45708 • Madison WI 53744